Hurt people hurt people.

Say there was a novel in which Holden Caulfield was

an alcoholic and Lolita was a photographer's assistant and somehow, they met in Bright Lights, Big City.  He's blinded by love. She by ambition. DIARY OF AN OXYGEN THIEF is an honest, hilarious, and heartrending novel, but above all, a very realistic account of what we do to each other

and what we allow to have done to us.


In the third installment of The Oxygen Thief Diaries our unreliable narrator becomes an unreliable publisher. EUNUCHS AND NYMPHOMANIACS doesn't officially launch until the middle of 2018 but you can preorder it on iBook, Nook and Kobo here.



Picking up the story where he left off, the controversial protagonist of cult classic Diary of an Oxygen Thief retools his advertising skills to seduce women online. It’s a pursuit that quickly becomes a dangerous fixation, often requiring even more creativity and deception than his award-winning ad campaigns. Dazzling, daunting, and darkly hilarious CHAMELEON IN A CANDY STORE is a spectacular indictment of a modern love twisted beyond recognition.