Artsy, swoon-worthy and kinky.

New York Magazine

I loved this book.The writer does a great job.
Junot Diaz, The Brief And Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

F Scott Fitzgerald for the iPad generation.
Richard Nash, Soft Skull Publishing, New York

Terrific and genuinely spooky.
Caroline Marshall, Editor of Campaign London

First he steals the oxygen from you, then he spits
it back in your face. One of the most interesting and
controversial encounters I've made through a book.
Lorenzo DeRita, Editor of COLORS Rome

A great finely tuned, funny, unique, and oftentimes poetic voice.
The sections about St LaCroix are particularly amusing.
Eric Obenauf, Publisher Two Dollar Radio, Brooklyn

Women seem to be very fond of this book, about
a down-and-out guy who has lots of trouble with women.
It's a surprise dark-horse Williamsburg bestseller.
Jonas Kyle, Spoonbill & Sugartown,Williamsburg

Enthralling...strangely feverish.

The Guardian, London